Hello! My name is Marc Micatka - I am an aspiring computer scientist/roboticists currently working on my Masters in CS at Georgia Tech specializing in Robot Perception and Automation while also traveling around the country and world with my lovely wife. I enjoy finding efficient and practical solutions to problems whether it’s in a class setting, a work setting, or on my own.

At work, I enjoy tackling automation projects to reduce labor. I have written Excel/VBA macros to collate, analyze, and display data from disparate sources in dashboards. I have also written inspection software using Cognex VisionPro, Python/OpenCV, and Visual Studios to aid operators with inspection procedures.

As an undergrad studying mechanical engineer, I independently developed projects ranging from an Arduino controlled skittle sorting robot to a labor reduction program written in Matlab and C++ that automated a significant portion of an assembly process for Bose Corporation. I have been a valuable team member in many projects, including designing and developing a device to automatically calibrate a nuclear pressure transmitter.Along the way, I gained familiarity with C++, MATLAB, Creo, ANSYS, and SolidWorks.

In my masters program, I have extensive experience with Java for Android app development and Python for computer vision, robotics, and data science applications. See my project pages for more information about my computer science experience through Georgia Tech.

I love traveling and being outside and exercising, whether it’s in the mountains or on the water. My wife is travel nurse and we are routinely packing up and moving around the country. Currently living in South Lake Tahoe, you can most likely find me in the backpacking or climbing when I’m not coding.


2019-2021 (expected)
Masters, Computer Science; Georgia Tech (online)

Specialization: Robotic Perceptions and Automation

BME, Mechanical Engineering; University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN)


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